Moog - Moogerfooger EP-2 Expression Pedal

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Smooth action gives the Moog - Moogerfooger EP2 Expression Pedal the feel musicians need for precise, playable control. The heavy construction (2.55 lbs.) provides a solid feel as the pedal stays firmly underfoot. An external output level control adjusts the range of the pedal's effect; sweeping across the full or a limited spectrum.


A foot controller designed to enhance the expressive capabilities of the Minimoog Voyager, Little Phatty, Moogerfoogers and more. Connect to a control voltage input on any of your Moog equipment, adjust the attenuator for desired range and start playing!

Application Suggestions:

Connect to the Rate control input of your MF-105 MuRF. Set Rate control in middle of desired range. Adjust attenuator for total range in toe position. Connect to the Frequency control input of the MF-102 Ring Modulator. Set Frequency control for minimum desired setting. Adjust the Moog pedal's attenuator for maximum desired setting in toe position.

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