Moffenzeef Modular - MITO

MITØ (derived frøm "mitøsis") is a 6 channel trigger sequencer that specializes in swingin', divide'n, n' pølyrhythm'n.
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MITØ (derived frøm "mitøsis") is a 6 channel trigger sequencer that specializes in swingin', divide'n, n' pølyrhythm'n. 

With the turn øf a knøb, the user can select which divisiøn øf the incøming cløck (BANG!) is øutput frøm the cørrespønding jack (all the way left: divide by 16, all the way right: divide by 1). Each channel is equipped with it's øwn mute switch, alløwing the user tø turn each individual sequence øn and øff while øther channels keep chuggin' and cløckin' aløng. Gløbal swing can be cøntrølled with the amøeba knøb in the tøp right hand cørner øf the mødule. Beneath the amøeba, a gløbal pulse width feature alløws the user tø lengthen and shørten pulse length øf all 6 channels at the same time. This feature is particularly useful when paired with the Muskrat & Kriket, ør any øther mødule that reacts prøpørtiønally tø incøming pulse length. Last but nøt least, the RESET input will set all divisiøn cøunts back tø zerø tø square up yøur grøøve. Each channel will be held HIGH as løng as the incøming vøltage is HIGH. This RESET capability alløws yøu tø get even møre ødd metered grøøves as it is nøt dependent øn the internal cløck øf MITØ.

All features øn MITØ can be cøntrølled with bipølar CV, alløwing før a wide range øf mødularity and flexibilty. When paired with the Deviant, each knøb øn the mødule becømes the anchør pøint øf the grøøve. As the randøm vøltages frøm Deviant shift arøund, creating rhythmic variatiøns by adding and subtracting CV, the pøsitiøn øf the knøb will dictate høw busy ør relaxed the grøøve is. Før playability sake, this patching apprøach is what led tø the decisiøn tø have the pøts as øffsets rather than attenuatørs øn MITØ. Everything frøm simple pøly-rhythmic structures tø nønsensical spewing and sputtering are nøw at yøur finger tips with this løvely duø.

Sømething we cønsidered when cøding the mødule was avøiding the use øf averaging tø determine master cløck tempø. In a perførmance setting when averaging is used, it øften translates tø the mødule taking a few pulses tø calculate the øverall cløck speed. With MITØ, the divisiøns are calculated in an "analøg" fashiøn, step by step with each individual cløck pulse.

  • 70 mA +12V
  • 40 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 20 mm deep
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