Eowave USB Pedal

Eowave USB Pedal is an easy-to-use USB MIDI pedal with 100% MIDI compatibility - transmits Pitch Bend, Control Change messages with aftertouch.

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Eowave USB Pedal is a plug&play USB expression pedal which can be plugged directly to your computer. No MIDI interface is needed. It is 100% MIDI compatible. You've always wanted to control or trigger some parameters of your MIDI software instrument with an expression pedal? Just connect Eowave USB Pedal to your computer and it will be recognized as an audio device. Per default CC1 is sent to MIDI channel 1, but you may set it differently with Eomono editor.

> tech specs
-100% MIDI compatible
- plug and play
-compatible with all MIDI logiciels Output : USB and MIDI
- Input resolution : up to 10 bit
- Output : USB
- Hi-speed USB
Non-volatile memory
USB Pedal Editor : PC, Mac compatible
Compatible MIDI protocole
USB bus powered
Message format types: Control change/Note on/ Pitch bend/Monophonic aftertouch
Inverse feature
edition via SYSEX or via the editor

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