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Quadruple digital LFO with voltage controlled frequency and reset/tap tempo. The LFOs can run independently in a free mode or in three sync modes: quadrature, phase or frequency division. Two of three channel outputs have a fixed wave form, one has an assignable wave. Easy operation with illuminated faders.

Batumi is a fully voltage controlled, quadruple digital LFO module with a slew of interesting and user-customizable features. Each oscillator can be used independently or in one of 3 synchronized modes: quadrature, phase and divide. In the last two modes, the first slider sets the frequency for all LFOs and the other sliders set either the phae or the frequency divisor.

For each oscillator, there are sine, square and assignable (saw, ramp, triangle and trapezoid) waveform outputs available. Voltage control is possible for each oscillator's frequency, reset, and external sync ("tap tempo").

The total frequency range spans from 28 hours in voltage controlled divide mode, up to 500 Hz. For detailed description, please refer to the manual.

Features: 4 voltage controlled LFOs free, quadrature, phase and divide modes assignable waveform outputs assignable reset/tap tempo inputs zoom mode for precise frequency setting USB connector for easy firmware updates reverse power protection

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