Eowave - light sensor

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Amusement equipment

Music Live control

Interactive installations

Measures the continuous variations of light. It can be used to associate MIDI events to the natural light variations of the day. It can also be associated to a laser emetter to create a on/off detection ray. (see laser sensor also).

Technical specifications

- Measured parameter: Light intensity

- Technology: LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)

- Output format: Continuous

- Size: 3 cm-long cylinder, diameter: 8 mm

- Weight: 50 g

- Operating temperature range: Standard

- Wiring: 6.35 mm TRS jack, 2 m-long cable

- Power: Built-in phantom 5V DC

Available with a 3 pins connector for the Eobody2 HF wireless system or Eobody2 Universal OEM Board.

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