Reloop Mixage SPIN! 2+ IE MK2

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MixageSPIN! 2+IE MK2

Spin! - that is Reloop's trend-setting digital vinyl system. Spin! allows playing, mixing, and scratching of digital audio files from a computer with the help of timecode records and CDs at the highest level. The addition "advanced" is the key word: Reloop's Spin! control records and CDs are equipped with an advanced timecode that reaches maximum precision due to its especially high resolution. The Spin! software's Advanced Sound Engine creates authentic vinyl sound characteristics at the highest stability. Automatic gains and an integrated compressor/limiter guarantee the best sound characteristics and a perfect mix. Due to the Classic Spin Mode, Beat Match Assistant, and a graphic Beat Offset the Reloop Spin! offers any club DJ comfortable, intuitive mixing. With the Advanced Spin mode, scratch function, and needle dropping, even all turntablists can manipulate audio files like a conventional battle record. The Mic Spin function stands for further improvement: sounds that have been recorded via microphone can be scratched and mixed like any other file. Two waveform displays show the tracks as detailed diagram; on the label monitor the needle's position can be recognized with a blink of an eye. And thanks to USB 2.0 technology and ASIO drivers, the Spin! interface's data transfer and latency periods are up-to-date.

The Reloop Spin!'s design is also a milestone in the digital vinyl segment: not only the ultra-compact interface's finish is ceramic white but also the control records, CDs and high-quality audio cables are shining white.
A progressive interface, the most advanced software, and innovative control medium make the Reloop Spin! become the Advanced Digital Vinyl System.

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