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Kenton MIDI STREAM - Wireless MIDI is Kenton's amazing Wireless MIDI product, it is sold as a complete system, so the prices shown below include both the transmitter pack and the receiver unit. Systems suitable for use in the UK & EU are available from stock. Note that the MidiStream UK/EU frequency (869.85Mhz) is outside the scope of the recent changes in frequency spectrum allocation that affects some radio mics.

MidiStream has been designed specifically to address the problems unique to MIDI data transfer. It combines a high data rate with imperceptible latency and low dropout rate. Should dropouts occur due to going out of range or interference from other sources, MidiStream is designed to handle these events without leaving notes stuck on. .

The transmitter is a cigarette packet sized unit, with a small aerial, an on-off switch, a MIDI input socket and is powered from a 9 volt battery. The receiver is a free standing diversity unit (two aerials to maximise reception) and is powered from the mains via a small plug-top power supply. It has 4 status LEDs, an on-off switch and a MIDI out socket. The whole system has imperceptible latency. Range is at least 80 metres (260 feet) outdoors in ideal conditions, or at least 30 metres indoors. The UK/EU version works on a data-only frequency which will not interfere with radio microphones..

Operation couldn't be simpler. Just turn everything on, plug your portable instrument into the MIDI IN of the transmitter, and the MIDI appears at the MIDI out socket of the receiver ready to connect to your sound modules, laptop, rack etc. .

MidiStream handles ALL MIDI data on ALL MIDI channels, including clock, sysex etc., so whatever MIDI you put into the MIDI In of the transmitter pack, appears at the MIDI Out of the receiver unit. It even warns you of a low battery in the transmitter unit by blinking an LED on both the transmitter and the receiver..

People have asked why the UHF band was chosen over Bluetooth. Simply put, the manufacturers found the UHF band to be superior. They started out by developing both systems, but abandoned the Bluetooth system due to its high latency and other performance problems..

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