Kasleder Effects - Acid Fuzz Germanium Version

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The Kasleder Effects - Acid Fuzz Germanium Version is a true analog and high-quality fuzzer / limiter with exclusively acquired ultra-rare NOS (new-old-stock) germanium transistors. It is primarily designed to add color, saturation, bright and dark grainy textures, variable boost, and the combination of all these to your input and modulation signals. Make no mistake: the module is able to flavour the drum-, synth- and other voices available in your modular system the way you want it to. Not to mention, it can be also used as an interesting CV processor. In fact, fuzz has never been made according to these high standards before in eurorack. On top of that, this module is tailor-made to the modular synthesizer thanks to its nice and sensitive CV controlled parameters. It does not end here though at all. Read more about the parameters to see how the module can oscillate with feedback settings or turn CV signals inside out. Also, you are invited to experiment with combined modulation signals and further feedback...


1. Sustain - The first gain stage after the input: it is basically an input impedance leveller. With the SUST knob, you can add extra gain boost and limiting that you would need for line- or lower level signals, (e.g. even sound cards or guitars can be patched right into it), however it is also used to create different fuzz characteristics. This parameter is CV controlled too. Set the desired CV amount with the CV_1 attenuator above the input jack. Never forget: it is a truly organic sound made by sensitive components, and this also applies for the CV input. Every level gradually and interestingly influences the fuzz tones. It never gets boring.

2. Fuzz - This next stage in the signal chain adds the fuzz amount to the input. With the FUZZ knob you can set those organic and interesting textures that can even make a simple sinewave more "hairy" or more grainy. From small crispy grains with tonal brightness, to more heavy and distorted textures, every sound you like can be easily found and set. Adding modulation signals to this parameter via the CV_2 input is also a pleasure. But never forget that everything changes with the modulation and the simultaneous settings of the SUST and FUZZ knob! Even with the same modulation signals, different settings may result in totally different tonal characteristics! You guessed it right: both of these CV inputs accept audio rate modulation, with which either sheer audio-rate mad creatures or "ringmodesque" textural oscillations get born. It is up to you what character, and how much of it you want for your sound!

3. Volume - The final gain stage. This is a manual parameter, that is intended to "zoom in" on certain textures you set with the FUZZ and SUST knobs. The VOLUME knob is a rudimentary yet such a nice and truly essential parameter on the front panel. You will be glad to have it with you.

4. Feedback - If all this was not enough, here is the icing on the cake. You might have a worn-out and boring definition of the word 'feedback' on your mind. Well, you will easily forget about it with this module. Once you had enough of all the brightness of the fuzz textures on your input, you flick the Feedback switch on and start setting the FEEDB knob to dampen the sound. Think of it as a kind of "anti-resonance" parameter. Thanks to the sensitivity of Germanium transistors, it adds more to the low-end and less to the high-end, creating sweet warblings of the input signals. Again, feel free to change more than one parameter at a time because each knob is heavily influencing the other simultaneously. (At this point you might be asking: "Why did you put a switch on the front panel instead of just adding a knob?" In short, due to the nature of the circuit which has all the characteristic sensitivity that has been mentioned above, it would have been impossible to completely isolate the sound, so a switch gives you a totally stable control.)

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