Eowave - Zone B.F. lfo

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The module ZONE B.F. is an element of the Capsule TITAN. Zone basses fréquences stands for low frequency zone. This module is composed of 2 LFOs. Both LFO have 8 waveforms.

Vitesse : speed of the LFO, range from 0.1 Hz to +/-200 Hz

forme (LFO1&2): Triangle , ramp up , ramp down, square, random, digital noise, random squares (variable pulse length) , random triangles (variable amplitude & length)

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SYNC 1 & 2 : reset the LFO waveform when an inpulse signal is applied.

SORTIE 1 & 2 : LFO signal outputs 1 & 2

Voltage swing is -/+5V

Leds shows LFOs activity

Format : eurorack 5 HP

Metal pot, panel mounted, screwed.

Consumption: +12V 40mA, -12V 10mA

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Category Filter LFO, Modulation
Width (HP) 5
Depth (mm) 40
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