Eowave - Magnetosphere filter

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MAGNETOSPHERE modules are elements from the Titan Capsule. Titan’s sound is deeply distorted by the magnétosphère influence from Saturn.

Depending on its orbital position, the magnétosphère influence is different.

To reproduce this influence, the Magnetosphere is a high-end 24 dB transitor low-pass filter with CV control of the resonance.


The knob ionisation enables to adjust the ionisation created by the magnétosphère influence. This ionisation of the atmosphere produces sound variations.

Frequency control is 10-15000kHz The knob réson enables to adjust the resonance from the ionisation variation to self-oscillation.

entrée 0>10: input level

mod2 0>10: amount of frequency modulation of mod2 input

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ENTREE: audio input

MOD1: frequency modulation input without attenuation

MOD2: second frequency modulation with attenuation

RESON : voltage control of the resonance

SORTIE : audio output

Format : eurorack 10 HP

Consumption: +12V 22mA, -12V 12,5mA

Metal Pot, panel mounted, screwed.

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Width (HP)10
Depth (mm)27
Skiff friendlyIgen
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