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The Folktek - Matter is a work of art. A musical instrument with drum voice generation in mind, realised with radically novel ways of changing the functionality of the circuitry. Available from us directly!
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The Folktek - Matter is a work of art. A musical instrument with drum voice generation in mind, realised with radically novel ways of changing the functionality of the circuitry. Available from us directly!

Folktek - Matter is the first of an ongoing series of modules and what will become an entire folktek system.

This one starts from the dirt - the beats. Officially up for sale now.

Each module comes with jumper cables, power connector, screws, manual and a special something.

**Note that each individual module is ttreated with a patina (aging) of the copper which results in the blue and green coloring. Givin that each is hand patinated, the look of each module with differ.

***There will be future add-ons (plug-ins) available for this module which plug in to the front panel and direct the sound and function to a specific purpose. Future add-ons are discussed below.

*The first folktek module for the eurorack system will be hated for its standing at 23hp.

"Matter" is drum wave synthesis. While it could simply be called a drum synthesizer, the method of play is designed equally as much to make the analog drum-based synthesis playable as waves as it is to make triggerable drum sounds. This means Matter can take a "kick" oscillator, for example, and use it to generate a bassline, a "snare" can create washes of noise with peaking resonance, and so on. This allows for a very broad complexity of rhythm because triggering is not confined to a single point. That said, this module specializes in clicks and cuts style beats - little clicky sounds. Matter is also very capable of generating complex drone and rich synthesis and does not need to be used as a drum synth at all. It utilizes the same analog synthesis as Materia which means it also works with aspects of deductive synthesis where noise and sound is "patched out". Like most future Eurorack modules by Folktek, Matter utilizes an onboard patch system with its own patch cables (supplied). The purpose for this is to allow for more possibility while keeping things compact. With future add-ons, use of the patchbay will be optional and interchangeable. In this case, Matter has two primary patchbays (1-10 and 11-20 (incorrectly labeled 10-20)) which represent controllable access points within the circuitry for cv or gate signals to be applied (Each cv input has an led for voltage visualization). 20 access points each doubled for stacking input or creating direct patches. Up to a total of 8 cv/gate input jacks and an additional modulation cv/gate input are jumpered by the player to the main patchbay to generate sound. Hard patches (direct point to point) can be used to create layers, trigger multiple oscillators, generate drone and permanently alter the sound shape, filter or resonance. Once a jumper patch is set up, it does not need to be's completely optional - each cv/gate input will be dedicated to a trigger. Cv/gate inputs can change and the trigger points will remain.

Because the inputs are jumperable, they can also be used in a variety of different ways other than direct cv triggering. = Sound can be sent in to a few points on the Matter circuitry where it uses some of the pathways of filtration, overload and distortion. = External audio or cv signals can be jumpered through the modulation.

Aside from the primary synthesis, Matter also has vactrol-based sine modulation which can be used in a number of ways; - External audio can be patched into "mod trig cv" which sends the audio through the vactrol modulation. That audio can then be jumpered into the circuitry where it will be filtered, distorted or effected in any number of ways. Or, for a clean modulation the audio can be jumpered to another jack and output. - Matter audio output can be sent through the modulation and jumpered to a new jack. - External cv can be patched to the "mod trig cv" jack and jumpered to the main patchbay to have a modulated cv signal activating the synthesis. Or likewise, the cv signal can be jumpered to a jack to simply pass through the vactrol modulation. - Mod cv out outputs the modulation control voltage independant of the vactrol. Modulation has speed control dial, cv speed (vactrol), input ("mod trig cv" vactrol) and cv out.

Volume control and mono output. +12 = xma -12v = 0 5v = 0 23HP 1" depth

***Future add-ons (plugins): Plug-ins are currently being designed and set to go into production in early 2016. These add-ons attach directly to the front of the panel, overriding most or all in-module patching. They're designed to give the module directed function. For example, with one add-on attached, Matter can be directed to become strictly based around oscillation and sound shaping, generating a "synth" patch. Another creates a kick/bass drum by sending the circuitry through a triggerable vactrol and adding controls over the sound shaping. A couple others simply route 8 direct cv in to optimal trigger points. While another routes an audio input and changes Matter to act strictly as an effect module. These will likely be sold in sets of 5.

*** As a plugin side note; For those who have Matter and are interested in experimenting, you're welcome to send your design layout in for review, modification and potential production. Keep in mind, a limited number of components can be used including up to two potentiometers, one vactrol, and a small number of passive components (components will be smt and space is limited to the area between the vertical headers and the area above the horizontal header up to the folktek logo). Active voltage can be utilized from the "mod cv out" ( which would be patched to the nearest "cv in") as well as any voltage signals from the synthesis patchbay but must otherwise be restricted to being passive. All headers can be utilized. If your design is approved and goes into production, you'll receive a set of 5 different plug-ins including your own design or the variation of. Currently a 5hp sidekick module is also in production.

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