Doepfer A-148 Dual Sample&Hold/Track&Hold

Doepfer A-148 Dual Sample&Hold/Track&Hold truly works like a sampler, however this circuit acts as one of the earliest digital stage of processing in the history of electronics. So yeah, this is a "1-bit" sampler. Adding any continous signal to the input will make it ending up in fragmented or at least stepped, "staircase-like" voltages.

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please look at the English user's manual

Version 1: four integrated circuits (2 x CD4053, 2 x TL064 oder TL084)

Version 2: three integrated circuits (1x DG442, 2 x TL084), see silk screen at the bottom of this page.

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Width (HP)4
Depth (mm)30
Skiff friendlyNo
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