Eowave - expression pedal

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Verfügbarkeit: Can be ordered upon request

Eowave expression pedal sensor are plug&play sensors designed to match the best results with Eobody2 sensor systems.

- With the Eobody2 editor, you will be able to process the signal to get the best results for your own applications.

A versatile expression pedal used as a sensor to modulate any parameter you need.

Technical specifications

- Measured parameter: Position

- Sensing technology: Resistor bridge

- Output format: continuous 0 to 127 (1024) for a bit depth of 7 (10)

- Size: 198 (d) x 86 (w) x 60 (h) (mm).

- Weight: 500 g

- Wiring: 6.35 mm TRS jack, 2 m-long cable

- Power: Built-in phantom 5V DC

- Note that Eobody2 sensor systems are compatible with Yamaha type pedals. Roland type pedal need to be modified or used with a pedal adapter.

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