Cwejman - VM-1s MK2

Complete Synth Voice
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Complete Synth Voice

The VM-1 is a complete voice module with an oscillator, multi mode filter, amplifier and two different envelope generators.
The OSCILLATOR can produce seven basic waveforms. The pitch is controlled manually by knobs COARSE and FINE and by attenuable CV1 and CV2 inputs. The pitch CV inputs are carefully trimmed for 1 Volt/octave sensitivity.
The pulse width can be controlled by knob "PULSE WIDTH" and by external signals inserted to attenuable input "PWM". The SYNC is provided by an external signal to input SYNC.
The Multi Mode Filter consist of an audio mixer (MIX), filter and modulation controllers for cutoff, q-peak and output morph. The MIX control mixes two signals; oscillators output and external audio signal (AUDIO). The MMF is a four pole multi mode filter. The low pass, band pass and high pass mode are mixed at filters output by morphing function; knob MODE MORPH and controllable by an external CV signal MORPH and outgoing level is attenuated by a voltage controlled amplifier.

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