Alyseum AL-88

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The Alyseum AL-88 is an embedded networked computer Box. It uses the Ethernet network to transport MIDI flows between any CopperLan compliant hardware and/or software applications in computers (Peer to peer functionality). AL-88 allows you to connect 8 MIDI In and 8 MIDI Out ports, simply and in a flexible way to patch, remap, filter and merge MIDI flows on a fine channel basis. Expandable by multiples of 2 or 8 MIDI I/O ports to create a unique patch-bay which also encompasses up to 32 virtual MIDI ports in every computer or DAW (Win & OS-X).

The AL-88 offer the Top performances in terms of MIDI throughput and latency/jitter far below 1 mS. Full compatibility with real-time applications.


> Self-contained interface, 8 MIDI In/Out pairs to Global MIDI Network.

> peer to peer MIDI transport, on a channel basis, remapping and merging.

> peer to peer MIDI transport without mandating a computer.

> Power build in 90 to 230VAC auto-sensing.

> Rugged 19 inch rack mount aluminum case.

> 100 Base-T Ethernet port with shielded RJ45

> Auto-MDIX allows using straight-trough or cross-over UTP cable.

> Upgrading the firmware is done via the network


> Recording studio

> Home Studio

> Back stage (Live)

> Broadcast

> Show control

> Entertainment industry

> Synthesizer collector

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