ADDAC 501b - Complex Random Expansion

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ADDAC 501b - Complex Random Expansion

The ADDAC501B expansion is connected directly to the ADDAC501 Complex Random. It extends functionality by adding gate outputs to the random generators. If ADDAC501 generates a new random above the average between Minimum and Maximum, then the respective gate on ADDAC501B is triggered. There are three pairs of gates, corresponding to the respective outputs on ADDAC501. Each gate pair has both positive and inverted outputs. This expansion module also offers a dedicated knob for gliding effects. With it you can have a voltage ramp between two consecutive random numbers. Randomized "legato" expressiveness!


3 standard gate outputs

3 inverted gate outputs

Smooth / Glide knob

. Gates are triggered when ADDAC501 generates a number above the average of Maximum and Minimum.

. Smooth knob defines the amount of legato between each clock step.



. Format: Eurorack

. Width: 4 HP

. Depth: 5 cm

Control Voltage I/O:

. Gate outputs: 0 - 5v


. Connects directly to ADDAC501

. Max current: 20mA

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