ADDAC 401 - Gate Env Follow

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ADDAC 401 - Gate Env Follow

With the ADDAC401 Envelope Follower you'll be able to use the volume of any sound source to control your synthesis. ADDAC's envelope follower has an interesting twist: besides outputing the volume information through a regular CV output, it also sports 8 independent gate outputs, triggered by the corresponding levels of the VU meter.

You can also control the offset on the gated outputs, either manually or by steps through a special dedicated gate input.

Input Level and Decay controls allow you to achieve good fine-tuning.


Audio input

CV output

8 Gated Outputs

Input level knob

Decay knob

Manual Offset knob

CV Offset gate Input

. Input Level and Decay controls for regular envelope following.

. Dedicated discreet gated outputs.

. Offset function for gated outputs (controllable either manually or step-by-step through CV gate input).



. Format: Eurorack

. Width: 8 HP

. Depth: 8 cm

Control Voltage I/O:

. CV output: 0 - 10v

. Gate input: 0 - 5v (threshold: 2.5v)

. Gate outputs: 0 - 5v


. Compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies

. Max current: 150mA

. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector

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