Eowave - IR distance sensor 5/30

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Eowave IR distance sensors are plug&play sensors designed to match the best results with Eobody2 sensor systems. They have an integrated filter to limit unwanted noise that could disturb the data you want to use

- With Eowave distance sensors, you will be able to control continuously any MIDI parameters with your movements

- They can be integrated inside objects to create interactive objects

- With the Eobody2 editor, you will be able to process the signal to get the best results for your own applications.

Eowave Infrared distance sensor, with a range from 5 to 30 cm can be used to simulate a dimmer or a sort of small theremin.

Technical specifications

- Measured parameter: Distance

- Sensing technology: Ultra-directive infrared emitter and receiver

- Range: 5 to 30 (cm)

- Integrated anti-noise filter

- Output format: Continuous


- Size: 13 (h) x 29 (w) x 13.5 (d) (mm)

- Weight: 20 g

- Operating temperature range: -10 to 60°C

- Wiring: 6.35 mm TRS jack, 2 m-long cable

- Power: Built-in phantom 5V DC

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