Eowave - IR distance sensor 20/80

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Eowave IR distance sensors are plug&play sensors designed to match the best results with Eobody2 sensor systems. They have an integrated filter to limit unwanted noise that could disturb the data you want to use

- With Eowave distance sensors, you will be able to control continuously any MIDI parameters with your movements

- They can be integrated inside objects to create interactive objects

- With the Eobody2 editor, you will be able to process the signal to get the best results for your own applications.

Infrared IR directionnal distance sensor, range from 20 to 80 cm. This is a continuous sensor.

Technical specifications

- Measured parameter: Distance

- Sensing technology: Ultra-directive infrared emitter and receiver

- Range: 20 to 80 (cm)

- Integrated anti-noise filter

- Output format: Continuous


- Size: 13 (h) x 29 (w) x 13.5 (d) (mm)

- Weight: Lighter than an AAA cell battery

- Operating temperature range: -10 to 60°C

- Wiring: 6.35 mm TRS jack, 2 m-long cable

- Power: Built-in phantom 5V DC

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