Eowave - gyroscope 2 axis

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This 2 axis gyroscope uses InvenSense’s proprietary and patented MEMS technology with vertically driven, vibrating masses to make a functionally complete, lowcost, dual-axis angular rate sensor. Based on the IDG-300 gyro, this Eobody2 compatible gyroscope uses two sensor elements with novel vibrating dual-mass bulk silicon configurations that sense the rate of rotation about the X- and Y-axis (in-plane sensing). This results in a unique, integrated dual-axis gyro with guaranteed-by-design vibration rejection and high cross-axis isolation.

Technical specifications

• Integrated X- and Y-axis gyro

• Factory trimmed full scale range of ±500°/sec

• Integrated low-pass filters

• High vibration rejection over a wide frequency range

• High cross-axis isolation by design

• 5000 g shock tolerance

• RoHS compliant (completely lead free)

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