Buchla 208C Module

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The 208C is the module itself for use in a Buchla 200e system.

The 208C is the module itself for use in a Buchla 200e system. 

Buchla's own Joel Davel led the charge to create a new version of the legendary Music Easel instrument with more modular flexibility and independence, while also providing the means to easily interface with more devices, such as the various DAWs like Ableton and MIDI controllers, including the very expressive Sensel Morph. It’s still fully analog in its default configuration and provides the unique and exquisite Buchla experience with greater functionality at a lower cost.

The 208C in the videos is an actual production unit, not just a prototype.....so our confidence level is pretty high that we can see this through completion in a timely manner!  We decided to go with Kickstarter in order to be able to offer the users any chance for feedback, last second tweaks (since we've already integrated a lot of futureproof flexibility inside), and most of all be able to just add all of the final touches in order to make this product the best it can be!

What’s new compared to the previous Easel/208

-          Separate modulation oscillator CV input with voltage input trimmer

-          One shot trigger / start button for the pulser

-          FM input for the modulation oscillator

-          Dedicated audio outs for each oscillator

-          CV inputs for the envelope generator stages with voltage input trimmers

-          Dedicated CV output for the modulation oscillator

-          CV input for the complex oscillator waveform sweep

-          White noise generator derived from the 266e

-          True stereo audio output

-          Onboard digital reverb, spring reverb can also be connector if desired

-          Dedicated audio inputs for the low pass gates so external sources can be connected

-          Front panel aesthetic updated to resemble vintage 208’s

-          More clocking options for the pulser

-          Far shallower construction so 208c comfortably fits in a 200e series system

-          Improved MIDI capabilities (when used with command centre cases)

-          Two “to card” inputs

Optional preset management coming as an add-on in the future.

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