We have been living the golden age of eurorack and modular synth videos. More videos of modular systems or synth modules can be found nowadays than ever before. Yet, the new weekly Modular Workshop live series from Analogue Zone sets a few more things right in this new trend.

Modular Workshop - Live@Analogue Zone Showroom - click on the image for the latest episode!

The show is hosted by the Budapest-based musician Ramin Sayyah, experienced synth performer in techno and house genres. His live performance is always followed by a walkthrough of modules - or other times he works backwards, buliding up a patch from scratch, explaining it in the meantime. What is really likeable here is that he revises the "one-module" approach in synth workshops: his hybrid setup can give the viewers a chance to listen how modules differ or get close to each other in sound and modulation.  Zooming out instead of zooming in. Every Wednesday at 5PM on Analogue Zone's Youtube channel

Ramin's setup is carefully arranged in 2 cases - one of them is the ultra-compact Mantis from Tiptop Audio -, which is a great solution for live performers as well. It is just great to see how one can build up a whole track with only a few modules in some basic patches. Each episode features new modules, but previous modules are also used to see how deep we can go in functionality. A handy table of contents is provided, lnks to individual modules are also offered in the video's cards.

The last few episodes have featured the mighty LEM4 Snoopy synth voice from Buchla. More Buchla patches and modules will be integrated in the future too - some of them have never been demonstrated so far.

Tune in for this Wednesday's show!

Also, you can take part in the show by sending questions in the chat room during the stream plus you can join the show live -  we have limited space in our Budapest Showroom every Wednesday.