The Make Noise 0-Coast was an instant hit of NAMM'16. Breaking the habit of adding a VCF and featuring more hybrid East- and West-coast blocks of the "synth voice" concept had already brought its fame before its release. Now two of its sections are available as seperate eurorack modules!

Dynamix - Weight Over Volume

As some of you may already know, it was Buchla who made the first lowpass gate - a marriage between amplitude and tone control that resulted in expressive, plucked & percussive sounds which had never been heard before. The lowpass gate of the Make Noise- Dynamix is expanded with a circuit that can create the sidechaining or ducking effect that has become a heavy feature of various genres electronic music nowadays. Also, the mixer section is completely open-ended, allowing you to chain multiple units together.

Contour - The Classic Fades of the Minimoog
A slightly revised version of one of one of the most well-known electronic music circuits which Make Noise had never released in any own form before the 0-Coast. The Make Noise - Contour is an ADSR envelope generator with easier decay-control knob (controlling both Decay and Release) - plus it has 'end' outputs at some points of the envelope to trigger further envelopes or other Make Noise modules' Strike inputs.
We could not be happier about the eurorack reincarnation of the 0-Coast's elements and we are hopeful to see more in the future.