Having released a lot of digital and smash hit modules like the Pico-series, Erica Synths have not forgotten the high-quality analog world where they came from. Here are their latest yet also familiar concepts, realised in fully analog modules. 

Their Polivoks VCF comes closest to the original, and although they have not worked on the module with the original creator, the essential tools (Russian IC's) became available again. In the latest version, they improved audio quality. Promising a convincing amount bass useable in electronic dance music. We cannot wait to test it, though based on our previous experience, Erica Synths have always known how to have just the right amount of bass in a module. The audio quality and CV inputs have also been improved in their new VCA module too. This means that any more rough or edgy CV inputs will be treated more softly and meaningfully, and also will be attenuated in a more fine-tuned fashion in the latest revisions. On top of that, the modules will take less space in your rack. 

Whenever you hear the word "analog VCO's", you start enumerating the basic waveform outputs, like sine, triangle, saw, square... But Erica Synths have always liked mixing and changing the symmetry of them. So even from the beginning you have never really needed any digital complexity when you were using their analog VCO's and its inhereent or extra mixers. So it is the case with their latest Black VCO and its expander with waveform inversion, an extra sub-oscillator.