1. Xaoc Devices - Tallin - a retrofuturistic VCA with many colors

    VCA's are essential, filters color the sound - you may have heard these more than enough times.

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  2. More than a VCF: WMD - Aperture

    My second time with the WMD - Aperture brought me to a completely different and really beautiful place. 

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  3. From 0-Coast to Eurorack: Make Noise - Contour & Dynamix

    The Make Noise 0-Coast was an instant hit of NAMM'16. Breaking the habit of adding a VCF and featuring more hybrid East- and West-coast blocks of the "synth voice" concept had already brought its fame before its release. Now two of its sections are available as seperate eurorack modules!
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  4. Modular Workshop - Live from the Analogue Zone Showroom

    We have been living the golden age of eurorack and modular synth videos. More videos of modular systems or synth modules can be found nowadays than ever before. Yet, the new weekly Modular Workshop live series from Analogue Zone sets a few more things right in this new trend.

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