After faithful recreations of the 909 (the snare was the last to get released) and the 808 drum machines from Tiptop, modern analog queens of drum synths (Vermona DRM1 - over 10,000 were sold now!) plus new hybrid versions (Elektron's Rytm or the ADM Neuron) or high-end ones (like the Cwejman BLD) it is hard to create something that would add more to the range of electronic percussion instruments. One could always go cheaper which will leave everyone unsatisfied - or come out with something that would have a little bit of all the good features above.That is where the SSF Entitiy Bass Drum Synthesizer is situated - with a mindblowingly warm sound. 

SSF - Entity BDS
A Plethora of Smoothly Changing Parameters

Having released such great percussion sources/ingredients as the set of fine-tuned noise generators Quantum Rainbow or the interesting vactrol-based envelope the Positronic Transient Gate, we knew the Entity BDS was about to come. The first demos that had emerged on Instagream did not do any justice to the module in my opinion. When we racked it in the showroom though first I was manipulating only 4 of the parameters with not a lot of expectations. Suddenly, I was already stuffed with a pleasing dynamism. No extreme modulation or extra modules were needed for all that (a Black Octasource from Erica Synths did the job). Set up what you like with your favourite LFO's and envelopes, it will sound great, morph and evolve greatly with CV but the knobs also make it easy to set. And yes, you may have guessed it: thanks to the plenty of curves and FM options it can do much more drum/percussion sounds than just bass drums.

But why is it so good? A drum sound's other half is how its sound is amplified, how its harmonics are taken in and out, and how well all that can be modulated: thanks to its own envelope, VCA, filter and ducking circutry, the sound and its control is pushed to the dynamic ranges of a modern drum voice like the Analog Rytm, yet it stays and feels truly analog at the same time. 

Endless pleasure of various drum sounds

If you think that the Mutant-series drums are warm, well expect the same and a bit more with the the Entitiy BDS. What really satisfied me is that I was able to keep that  sound intact on even lower frequencies. That is how I usually test every drum module: tune down and see if it can stay coherent and meaningful in the lower range. I was not losing neither the sound, nor the tuning. It must be thanked to the envelope and amplification / dynamics section of the module. 
The internal filter tracks 3-4 octaves- yet the controls are not quantised so you can easily go to non-conventional scales with your drums: an essential ingredient to true techno music! The filter also plays a key part but I'd say the VCA and the envelope preserves the module's great sound on all ranges! 

The Entity BDS is an amazing concept all in all - we are looking forward to the next module in the series!