Elektron's Digitakt has just arrived at Analogue Zone to save users with plenty of functions that are only covered by more rare and pricey products. Here is what we like best about it!

The Digitakt's buttons are made to last. Durability has become a secondary factor these days, but Elektron is on the game: after the release of Digitakt with buttons and knobs of their new quality standards, they had upgraded their Analog series (the MKII upgrades of Octatrack & Analog Four have also arrived at Analogue Zone) with more durable buttons, tested to last for millions of presses. It is massive but not in weight: less than 1.5 kg! 

The Digitakt is a bit of everything: it is a sampler with built-in filters and friendly FX processors that sound decent, while it can sequence your instruments also through multiple MIDI tracks - it is truly a unique product on the market with its polyphonic and polyrhytmic capabilities. You should not worry this time about the complicated Elektron workflow either: its user-friendly interface will surprise you. We don't even have to remind you that it has Overbridge-integration as well!
We can't highlight the price enough - it is the most affordable member of the Elektron family which can work as a standalone instrument, plus you get plenty of amazing polyphonic MIDI sequencing functions for a price which is on average more than 30% less than the more rare and precious sequencer monsters. 

Don't forget to check this overview & Analogue Zone's sound demo video of the Digitakt as well: