Monthly Archives: May 2017

  1. The Analog Computer System: Introducing XAOC Devices - Drezno

    XAOC Devices did not surprise us with a warm and heavy-sounding analog filter like Belgrad or Kamieniec. They want us to count our blesses. The analog computer system which was started by Drezno and Lipsk  may seem odd at first time, yet their visual information and modular background had given us a tool that will be useful in almost every patch. 

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  2. Fresh & Revised Analog Modules from Erica Synths

    Having released a lot of digital and smash hit modules like the Pico-series, Erica Synths have not forgotten the high-quality analog world where they came from. Here are their latest yet also familiar concepts, realised in fully analog modules. 

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  3. New Website Launch - Win a Cwejman VCO-6!

    In the last few months we have been working on the brand new site of Analogue Zone, which is now up and running! Much care and effort was taken to give you the fastest and smartest online store with plenty of new and more clear features which will add new dimensions to your customer experience:

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