We welcome you among the enthusiasts of analog synthesizer!studio technology!modular synthesizers!

Who We Are

Our company's main aim is to distribute modular systems and synth modules in Europe and the whole world. Apart from that we consider it important to have the most popular analog synths in stock, and also to have the rare, almost legendary pieces as well. Our goal is to distribute analog (modular and semi-modular) systems, at the same time though, a wide range of quality studio equipment is also available from us.

Another important part of our work is to contribute to the analog and modular synthesizer community by means of gaining popularity and raising awareness. Apart from distribution, we are happy to dedicate time and effort to keep the discourse alive between experienced users and newcomers in the community. We regularly take part in events, workshops and we also organize them. You can check out our next event on our Facebook page. We are eager to provide informative and entertaining videos of our products on our Youtube channel.

As representatives of the manufacturers distributed by our company we are able to keep our customers up to date with information about any distributed product in question.

Our History


Opening hours of our showroom in Budapest, Hungary:

Monday: 12h-17h

Tuesday: 12h-17h

Wednesday: 12h-17h

Thursday: 12h-17h

Friday: 12h-17h 

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

If you wish to contact us in the showroom before before or after our opening hours, please get into touch with us in advance!